Making progress is hard but when it happens, it’s fun.

Writing short-fiction for magazines and anthologies is patient work. Creating every day and submitting every other also means waiting for any individual piece to clear the selection process. Weeks, sometimes months can pass before anything happens and then…

You’ll get intimately acquainted with every type of rejection there is. Formal, automatized, personal, very personal, you name it. And hustling every day like this also means there comes a time when those rejections come in bulk and threaten to drown you – or at least it feels like that for me.

And then there is that little story that could. A tiny piece, which almost fell off your radar because it just did its thing and chugged through reading after reading without making a fuss.

This time it is our friends at World Weaver Press which have elected to give a story a home in their Anthology ‘Multispecies Cities’, an upbeat solar-punk collection.

Check them out at and if you like what you see, stay tuned for upcomming announcements for ‘Multispecies Cities’.