Atelier Vulpecula is a small independent company located in Berlin, Germany and dedicated to providing translation and editing services as well as publishing in-house book projects.
Business is hard and opportunity is a shy, fickle creature, which seldom comes uninvited, so with the 2020 line-up of projects, we make a foray into the frightfully exciting world of publishing, while at the same time, we keep services for our present clients reliable, consistent and high-quality.

E.-H. Nießler

Born in West-Berlin, Germany, Eike-H. Nießler grew up at the intersection of national, cultural and ideological borders. With an early interest in storytelling, art and language he spent many years working up the courage to become a writer. In the meantime, holding down a job as a retail clerk for the better part of two decades, raising a beautiful family and doing independent work as a translator, private tutor and museum tour-guide, he managed to obtain an MA in East-Asian Art-History and Japanese Studies from the Free University of Berlin in 2016. Since then he worked as a freelance translator and aspiring writer.