In the 1960s, a mysterious man finally learns when exactly the world is going to end; In the early 2000s, the ghost of a young woman asks a stranger for help; And in the mid 1990s, a boy seriously doubts his own sanity, when he starts an unlikely conversation, warning him of terrible things to come.

Across time and space, a disparate group of people have their fates intertwined and their lives turned upside-down by an age-old conspiracy to change the destiny of the world, pushing each of them precariously to the very edge of reality.

—Then, they jump.

In a normal town, there is a normal street where a certain normal house stands alongside other normal houses. Maybe it is a little old, maybe a little run-down, but certainly there is nothing out of the ordinary about it — or is there?

If you have magic eyes to see, you can spot strange, tiny creatures all around that certain house. The Kobolds.

This handy guide contains observations and essential knowledge about the prank-prone monster folk, for everyone unafraid of maybe inviting them into their own lives.