What services do we provide?

Atelier Vulpecula started out, and proudly continues, as a translation and editing service. Regardless of our other projects and products, if that is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.


We can transcribe your text, be it business-correspondence, instruction manual or novel, from and into the languages shown in the list below. We strive to provide copy-edit ready product when we do so. If you wish to hire us for translation services into a language that is listed, but we do not normally translate into, we cannot guarantee copy-edit ready quality, which may require you to hire additional copy-editing services. Feel free to ask if you require translation from a language that isn’t listed, as, for a nominal fee, we are happy to try find someone who can provide what you need. Highly technical, abstract or otherwise complicated texts, may take some time to be ready and, depending on the level of specialized reading needed to complete the task, may incur an additional fee.

  • English to German & German to English
  • French to German
  • French to English
  • Japanese to German
  • Japanese to English


The only editing service we provide at the moment is copy-editing, i.e. reviewing and correcting written material to make sure it is accurate, readable and fit for purpose. We look for errors, omission, inconsistency and repetition and try to get the material as close to print ready as we possibly can. The only languages for which we currently provide this service are English and German.

We do not provide developmental editing or critique for your written material, we do not normally provide line-editing or proofreading for your print file. However if you hire us to copy-edit your text, upon request we may look over your proofs, provided they are also proofread by someone else. We do not accept liability for a finished product, under no circumstance will we accept sole responsibility for the proofreading process.


As a rule of thumb our services will cost 0,05 € per word of original text. For highly technical or specialized bodies of text we will charge more, depending on the difficulty, to compensate for the extra time and effort. For large commissions with very high word count we can provide a discount. We retain the right to refuse any commission we consider to complex for us, to reliably deliver a quality service. For reasons of taxation and transaction fees, if your text is shorter than 500 words, regardless of actuall word count we will charge you a 20,- € standard fee instead.

If at any point we find ourselves unable to provide a service that is up to our standards, we will inform you immediately and try to help you in finding an alternative to our service and help you make the transition at no extra charge for you. We will only charge for services rendered that are up to our standards of quality.

Hiring Atelier Vulpecula

If you wish to engage our services, send an e-mail to Make sure it contains the name of your business as well as the contact information of the person/s in charge of the material we will be working on and the specifications of the work you need us to do. We will get back to you with a quote in one or two business days. If we cannot accept your commission at this time, we will make sure to inform you as quickly as we possibly can.