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What’s new with our projects.

MMC-Berlin 2024

EHN sitting at the artist-table of Ms Aloha Higa at the Mega-Manga-Con event.

Berlin’s most charming Manga, Anime and Asian Pop-Culture Convention.

The Mega Manga Convention (MMC-Berlin) first opened its doors in 2002.
I myself – being a frequent patron of my local comic book store – of course was among the guests.
Atelier Vulpecula first lent our expertise in 2009 to the event and facilitated communication and relation with the international guests. Over the years we provided care, chaperoning and translation services for many visiting Artists. Makoto Tateno, Vocaloid Producer FuwariP, Ryuta Amazume, Midori Harada, Hiroji Mishima, Terumi Nishii, Hitoshi Yasuda, Hidenori Kusaka, Satoshi Yamamoto, Ryo Mizuno, Key Animator Yasuhiro Irie and Hisashi Kagawa to give a comprehensive yet still non-exhaustive list.

This year we were ever so pleased to have been able to once again help the MMC-Berlin e.V. with their fantastic convention on the long weekend May 18th to May 20th; And assist Ms 𝗔𝗹𝗼𝗵𝗮 𝗛𝗶𝗴𝗮 – artist behind the beloved Manga and Anime “Polar Bear Café” – navigate both the event and Berlin for a while.

Thanks to the organizers, helpers and the thousands of guests that made this special experience possible.

Now onwards to 2025! Contest announcement graphic

Climate Fiction For Future Ancestors

Our friends at Grist announced a new short story contest via their initiative Fix. A (free entry, international) contest that is called: ‘Imagine 2200: Climate fiction for future ancestors.’ They’re looking for short stories (3,000–5,000 words) that explore what a just, regenerative future could truly look like. The top three prize winners will receive $3,000, $2,000, and $1,000, in that order, and nine additional finalists will each receive a $300 honorarium, plus publication in Grist’s digital collection this summer. 

Visit their Submittable page for details about the contest and to submit your entry.

Submissions close April 12, 11:59 p.m. U.S. Pacific Standard Time.

Multispecies Cities

Cover of the anthology book 'Multispecies Cities'

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

World Weaver Press today, has revealed not only the cover for their anthology ‘Multispecies Cities’ – and a gloriously pretty cover it is – but also have announced an official release date! The book will be out as an ebook and on paperback on April 13th 2021

You can read all about it on their Blog.

Just drink in the beautiful artwork by Rita Fei which gives the entire project the polish it deserves and sets the stage for a collaborative work by talented writers from around the globe.

My very own ‘Crew’, my little-story-that-could, of course will finally get some readers, as I have jealously shielded it even from friends and family since I sold the first draft back in early 2020.

Seeing this project materialize makes me immensely proud that I could contribute, albeit in just a small way. I will forever be thankful to editor Sarena Ulibarri and the entire team over at World Weaver Press.

Atelier Vulpecula has an Instagram Account

Follow us on Instagram. Get to know our experimental side

If you are interested in visual and short poetry projects, or simply like to keep tabs on updates, excerpts and previews of works that are still in the making, you can follow Atelier Vulpecula on Instagram.

The first series of posts is heading under the title ‘Experimental Everyday Poetry’. Short verse of all different types, juxtaposed on and complemented by photographs, all written and created by E.-H.N. Evocative of that most charming and naïve style of the early internet, where many a young person had expressed themselves in just such a way. As is most often the case with a popular, not to say plebeian, medium, these little tidbits of self-expression have been judged much more harshly than they deserve.

E.-H.N. at Goodreads

Sharing thoughts about what I am reading

I have found that writing reviews on GR, even if no one else takes notice, has helped me immensely to appreciate what I have been reading. When I try to figure out what to say about a book and to describe it to others, I feel that my understanding of the work deepens and I enjoy it even more.

Not that I have had a lack of things to read, but browsing the reviews of others I have discovered one or two books of which I haven’t even been aware before. Especially in this our most favourite year, it has replaced my regular visits to book-stores, just for the purpose of browsing the shelves. And if it all should lead one or two people to discover my own bibliography, so much the better.


Making progress is hard but when it happens, it’s fun.

Writing short-fiction for magazines and anthologies is patient work. Creating every day and submitting every other also means waiting for any individual piece to clear the selection process. Weeks, sometimes months can pass before anything happens and then…

You’ll get intimately acquainted with every type of rejection there is. Formal, automatized, personal, very personal, you name it. And hustling every day like this also means there comes a time when those rejections come in bulk and threaten to drown you – or at least it feels like that for me.

And then there is that little story that could. A tiny piece, which almost fell off your radar because it just did its thing and chugged through reading after reading without making a fuss.

This time it is our friends at World Weaver Press which have elected to give a story a home in their Anthology ‘Multispecies Cities’, an upbeat solar-punk collection.

Check them out at and if you like what you see, stay tuned for upcomming announcements for ‘Multispecies Cities’.

Let’s start into 2020

Creative Business in the Year of the Golden Rat

After being in the works for a year and change, and development purgatory for as long as E-HN has been writing, finally Atelier Vulpecula has launched its website. We are so happy, to make people aware of our work in publishing, writing, editing and all the other good things the people behind provide to a waiting world.

According to the Chinese Zodiac 2020 is the year of the Metal (or rather golden) Rat. Considering that our very own E-HN was born in 1984, also a rat year, and metal is a good element for starting businesses, we consider this a good sign. (It isn’t, but Tai Sui Lu Mi willing, we’ll manage to muddle our way through)

So join us in making the most of the going year 2019, to have everything in order for the things to come. Happy Holidays everybody!