E.-H.N. at Goodreads

Sharing thoughts about what I am reading

I have found that writing reviews on GR, even if no one else ever reads them, has helped me immensely to appreciate what I have been reading even more. When I try to figure out what to say about a book and to describe it to others, I feel that my understanding of the work deepens and I enjoy it even more.

Not that I have had a lack of things to read, but browsing the reviews of others I have discovered one or two books of which I haven’t even been aware before. Especially in this our most favourite year, it has replaced my regular visits to book-stores, just for the purpose of browsing the shelves. And if it all should lead one or two people to discover my own bibliography, so much the better.


Making progress is hard but when it happens, it’s fun.

Writing short-fiction for magazines and anthologies is patient work. Creating every day and submitting every other also means waiting for any individual piece to clear the selection process. Weeks, sometimes months can pass before anything happens and then…

You’ll get intimately acquainted with every type of rejection there is. Formal, automatized, personal, very personal, you name it. And hustling every day like this also means there comes a time when those rejections come in bulk and threaten to drown you – or at least it feels like that for me.

And then there is that little story that could. A tiny piece, which almost fell off your radar because it just did its thing and chugged through reading after reading without making a fuss.

This time it is our friends at World Weaver Press which have elected to give a story a home in their Anthology ‘Multispecies Cities’, an upbeat solar-punk collection.

Check them out at worldweaverpress.com and if you like what you see, stay tuned for upcomming announcements for ‘Multispecies Cities’.


Headstart into Self-publishing

Finally, after much trepidation and many hurdles along the way, Atelier Vulpecula is proud to announce ‘Liminality – At the Edge of Worlds’, available online at the good folks of DriveThruFiction.com. E.-H.N’s debut novel deals with urban fantasy and magic in a modern setting while at the same time addressing loss, grief, the vagaries of growing up, as well as the importance of friendship and found family in a scary and uncertain world.

Though it stands on its own, it won’t be the last readers will be able to explore about the World of Liminality. There is something in the works in the coming year. If you find yourself wishing for more, Atelier Vulpecula will see you covered!

Visit drivethrufiction.com/browse/pub/15976/Atelier-Vulpecula to buy Liminality!

Let’s start into 2020

Creative Business in the Year of the Golden Rat

After being in the works for a year and change, and development purgatory for as long as E-HN has been writing, finally Atelier Vulpecula has launched its web-site. We are so happy, to make people aware of our work in publishing, writing, editing and all the other good things the people behind Atelier-Vulpecula.com provide to a waiting world.

According to the Chinese Zodiac 2020 is the year of the Metal (or rather golden) Rat. Considering that our very own E-HN was born in 1984, also a rat year, and metal is a good element for starting businesses, we consider this a good sign. (It isn’t, but Tai Sui Lu Mi willing, we’ll manage to muddle our way through)

So join us in making the most of the going year 2019, to have everything in order for the things to come. Happy Holidays everybody!