Let’s start into 2020

Creative Business in the Year of the Golden Rat

After being in the works for a year and change, and development purgatory for as long as E-HN has been writing, finally Atelier Vulpecula has launched its web-site. We are so happy, to make people aware of our work in publishing, writing, editing and all the other good things the people behind Atelier-Vulpecula.com provide to a waiting world.

According to the Chinese Zodiac 2020 is the year of the Metal (or rather golden) Rat. Considering that our very own E-HN was born in 1984, also a rat year, and metal is a good element for starting businesses, we consider this a good sign. (It isn’t, but Tai Sui Lu Mi willing, we’ll manage to muddle our way through)

So join us in making the most of the going year 2019, to have everything in order for the things to come. Happy Holidays everybody!