Multispecies Cities

Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

World Weaver Press today, has revealed not only the cover for their anthology ‘Multispecies Cities’ – and a gloriously pretty cover it is – but also have announced an official release date! The book will be out as an ebook and on paperback on April 13th 2021

You can read all about it on their Blog.

Just drink in the beautiful artwork by Rita Fei which gives the entire project the polish it deserves and sets the stage for a collaborative work by talented writers from around the globe.

My very own ‘Crew’, my little-story-that-could, of course will finally get some readers, as I have jealously shielded it even from friends and family since I sold the first draft back in early 2020.

Seeing this project materialize makes me immensely proud that I could contribute, albeit in just a small way. I will forever be thankful to editor Sarena Ulibarri and the entire team over at World Weaver Press.